CD Antithesis of Light (Re-release 2011) Peaceville Records

Image of CD Antithesis of Light (Re-release 2011) Peaceville Records


"Antithesis of Light", the band's third studio album, was recorded at Hermit Hole in New Jersey with Bumblefoot It was originally released in 2005 & continues with Evoken's trademark funeral doom sound; a thick wall of pounding guitar riffs, assisted by layers of keyboard effects to heighten the overall dark ambience of this doom /death metal classic.

This edition of "Antithesis of light" contains an extra song from a promo demo from 2002 made on a 4-track recorder, which was never released & is extremely rare.

1. Intro
2. In Solitary Ruin
3. Accursed Premonition
4. The Mournful Refusal
5. Pavor Nocturnus
6. Antithesis Of Light
7. The Last Of Vitality

Bonus track

8. Coveting Elysium

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